The way Home Edition Myung-jin walked

  • Founded in 1975 by Myungjin Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Establishment of cotton glove manufacturing plant
  • Establishment of Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Factory

  • 'SEAL mark' Rubber Gloves trademark registration
  • 1988 Changed name to Myungjin Gloves
  • Establishment of Gwangju office

  • Transition to Myeongjin Co., Ltd
  • Heo Bong-hoe takes office as CEO
  • Home Rubber Gloves Factory Establishment - Electric Electric Power Co., Ltd
  • Industrial rubber glove production line expansion
  • Expanding the production line of rubber gloves for agriculture

  • Obtain KS marks, Q marks, and antibacterial marks for household rubber gloves
  • ISO 9001 / 14001 Certification
  • Development and Patent of Ocher Charcoal Antibacterial Rubber Gloves
  • buy Jeonju/buy Jeonbuk Product Certification
  • Huh Kyung-eun, CEO Inaugurated
  • Establishment of Seoul Sales Office

  • Change of corporate name - HomeEdition Myungjin Co., Ltd
  • Jeonbuk I-STAR Company Selection
  • Selection of small export enterprises
  • Awarded $1 million in export towers
  • Selection of female company
  • the selection of the best job companies
  • Establishment of a rubber glove manufacturing plant in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam [BESTINATION GLOVES]
  • Home Edition Myungjin Jeonju Distribution Center Completed
  • Opening of Seoul Sales Office
  • Opening of a current office
  • Opening of Jeju Sales Office
  • Establishment of a corporate-affiliated research institute
  • Opening of Ho Chi Minh Office in Vietnam
  • Establishment of PVC rubber glove manufacturing plant (Jeonbuk Jangsu)

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